Meaghan Airey

Hello! Since I was young, I always found myself being wary of my actions and words around my peers. As I would tell my mom “You don’t know what other people are going through”. As I got older, I learned this to be truer than ever. 

Advocating for suicide prevention is something very crucial to me and something I believe we, as humans, just don’t do enough. So when I was tasked with coming up with a capstone project, I was immediately intrigued in producing an event on campus that could benefit our Arcadia community.

As a Senior Media and Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations at Arcadia University, I’ve had the opportunity to plan many events. I learned it is a passion of mine, and something I hope to continue to do in my professional future. 

At Arcadia University, I am the Co-Director of 1853 Communications, a student-run public relations firm on campus, as well as the  PRSSA chapter, and the Treasurer of the Cabaret club. As an active member in the Arcadia community, I learn more and more every day about the communications industry. I am excited to take you on this journey with me!

Welcome to my capstone page!

Meaghan Airey Blog #4

My event was a success! I was able to get 23 people in attendance outside of those working the event, and the speaker himself. It was an interactive and welcoming space that really allowed everyone to understand the effects of mental health and how to use different...

Meaghan Airey Blog #3

Last week I had a meeting with the Director of Campus Life. I was able to have a brain-storming session of the logistics of my event. I scheduled my event on Haber Green for Reading Day, May 2, 2023. Keonna believed this would allow me enough time to prepare, but...

Meaghan Airey Blog #2

For the first step of my project, I am following the R.A.C.E model and conducting research for my future event. I posted a survey on a Arcadia Instagram account that features all events organized on campus, and asked a series of questions. Here are my findings: Would...

Meaghan Airey Blog #1

I am planning on hosting an event on campus this spring. I went head first into researching similar events this week. Though I am not completely set on any organization that I hope to raise money for, I am moving forward with the idea to host a walk around campus.  I...