Last week I had a meeting with the Director of Campus Life. I was able to have a brain-storming session of the logistics of my event. I scheduled my event on Haber Green for Reading Day, May 2, 2023. Keonna believed this would allow me enough time to prepare, but would also serve as an enticing offer for students to get out of their rooms and take a break. In the Great Room, Campus Life will be holding a de-stress event surrounding the same hours as my event (11am-3pm). My event will be leading them into the de-stress activity. 

My next step is to put together a detailed itinerary for what I plan to do that day and what resources I will have available. Keonna asked me to reach out to some clubs on campus to see if they would like to sponsor/co-host the event with me. I also had the idea to hand out ‘goodie’ bags to students as final resources.

Update: Due to my event being past Thesis Day, I changed my date and am collaborating with Campus Life to bring a spoken word poet to campus, who will shed light on mental health through his poems.

The event will feature Writers Block (a student organization on campus) performing their own poems prior to ODD?Rod performing.

We will be handing out green ribbons for guests to wear, representing mental health awareness. I am also creating a banner, with materials provided by Campus Life, for people to sign, write inspirational notes, etc.