My event was a success! I was able to get 23 people in attendance outside of those working the event, and the speaker himself. It was an interactive and welcoming space that really allowed everyone to understand the effects of mental health and how to use different outlets to ensure success.

I was able to share promotional materials on both the Arcadia Knight Life and the Media and Communications department’s Instagram. I was able to reach 462 accounts in total.

We handed out my mental health brochures, as well as mental health stickers, ribbons, and counseling service materials.

Students signed a banner with inspirational sayings regarding mental health awareness.

At the end of the event, we were able to get pictures with ODD?ROD himself, and participated in a traditional photoshoot with his rental car, which he displays on his social channels.

I am so happy this event was a safe space for the students at Arcadia.

Check out my website to see pictures of the event!