For the first step of my project, I am following the R.A.C.E model and conducting research for my future event. I posted a survey on a Arcadia Instagram account that features all events organized on campus, and asked a series of questions. Here are my findings:

  • Would you like to see events on campus regarding mental health and suicide awareness?

Out of 69 surveyors, 93% answered yes, and 7% answered no.

  • Are you likely to attend an event on campus during the weekend?

Out of 99 surveyors, 77% answered yes, and 23% answered no.

  • Are you likely to attend an event on campus during the week?

Out of 99 surveyors, 67% answered yes, and 33% answered no.

  • Are you likely to participate in a campus walk, around Haber Green?

Out of 69 surveyors, 65% answered yes and 35% answered no.

  • What activities would you like to see featured at this event?

Out of 74 surveyors, 41% answered ‘Bake Sale’, 27% answered ‘Cornhole’, 23% 

answered ‘Auction’ and 10% answered ‘Other’.

  • Would you pay a small fee to participate in a cornhole tournament on campus (proceeds donated to charity)?

Out of 52 surveyors, 35% answered yes and 65% answered no. 

After looking over my research, I concluded that our audience is interested in seeing an event revolving mental health and suicide awareness on campus, but that it would need to be free. Moving forward, I plan on putting together a list of enticing gifts we can have donated to give out as resources to students during the event.