I am planning on hosting an event on campus this spring. I went head first into researching similar events this week. Though I am not completely set on any organization that I hope to raise money for, I am moving forward with the idea to host a walk around campus. 

I would love for this to be an event that can unite the Arcadia community and downtown Glenside residents. I am hopeful that we can organize this event to have partnerships with clubs and organizations on campus, who can set up pop ups throughout the Green, where students and community members can stop to learn about suicide awareness. This also can be used as a resource for students to learn where they can decompress, create community, and talk to professionals when in need. 

I have reached out to the Campus Life coordinator, and we are scheduling a meeting to go over how I can make this happen. From there, I will be able to map out how to market the event and what kind of fundraising opportunities I can provide. I am super excited to get the ball rolling on this project!