Ruins by Jamie Goetz

My thesis is a visual interpretation of the album “Ruins” by First Aid Kit. The full album narrates this short film, along with each song serving as an individual chapter. This is the trailer for “Ruins”. (Video quality compressed from being linked to YouTube). 

My name is Jamie Goetz and I am a senior Video Communications major. I’m not a picky person when it comes to video production – I really enjoy learning all aspects of it and trying to get as much experience as I can. I knew from the beginning I wanted my thesis to be a short film, and that I would be handling the roles of writing, filming, directing, producing and editing it. Pre-production for this short film started around a year ago, while filming began in mid-January through early March. I was luckily able to wrap up filming before the coronavirus interfered, however, a lot of reshoots and changes I want to make now have to improvised from home, without my lead actor. It’s going to be a challenge making this work, but I’ve been excited about some of the new ideas I’ve been having to create to adapt to the current situation and am looking forward to put out something in the midst of (and despite) all the chaos.