Daniel Waibel

Daniel Waibel  is a senior Global Media major with a concentration in Cultural Studies. During his junior year at Arcadia University, he studied abroad at Arcadia’s London campus as well as the Goldsmith’s University of London. During his time there he interned at the Outward Bound Trust. In his free time, Daniel plays various video games, inspiring his fall thesis paper, The Female Champion: Feminist Theory and the Male Gaze in League of Legends, which is an analysis of the video game League of Legends through a critical feminist lens. Outside of video games, he spends ample time in the kitchen experimenting with different types of desserts and flavor combinations. During his time in London, he explored the city by eating different foods and learning to cook different cuisines as well. For his creative project, Daniel will be creating and compiling a recipe bDaniel Waibelook of the different desserts and foods he’s learned along the way. The cookbook will be a culmination of all the foods and flavors he’s tasted around the world and at home.