Carolina Aguilera

The Lazy Lilac Dream

Part 1: Citrus Blooms

An accumulation of everything. The running start. A mixture of self-examination through selfie video, animation, and wordplay.

Part 2: Beauty, Reformed

Textures on top of self-videos. A short but vulnerable way of trying to review beauty as it relates to me, and my view of the world. 

Part 3: The Escapist

A video on textures and the need for escapism in our capitalist society. Escapist, I see you for all you are.

Part 4: Bitter Ends

A metaphor for public transport. Trying to encapsulate the bitter ends of my academic time in this panny.

Part 5: The Angels

My first animated video. The beginning of an end. A sorrowful vision of repetition and closure.

About Me

Carolina Aguilera is a graduating senior

Majoring in Media and Communications with a concentration on Screen Media

Minor in Film Studies

Driven by both artistic values and visions, all of their work is a blend of spoken poetry, personally captured videos, and precise editing. 

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pause to read – blog #4

I made 47 stills to be sprinkled throughout my video and also serve as a segue. I'm wondering now how to upload my video. Originally, I thought it would be one long video that will end up being 13-15 minutes but after talking with Alan, I might cut it up and upload it...

Carolina Aguilera – Blog Post #3

I'm going to Charity's tomorrow to get some audio work done. I got the things I want to say written out in a word document and ready to be recorded. I compiled all my cat videos from this semester and might add in a little "Cat Break" in my thesis video, we'll have to...

the beach trip in march – blog #2

Nearly the end of March and this is what could only be the hardest semester of my life. I don't know where I left off but using the app Bandlab has helped guide me in the direction I want to be heading. Despite the few steps forward into my original audio journey, I...

Carolina Aguilera – Blog Post #1

So far I have compiled and created 7 different poems to be recorded, edited, and eventually have an original backtrack to go along with them. While I'm not sure if I should keep all 7 (as that is a lot to get done), that's where I am. I decided to call this project,...