So far I have compiled and created 7 different poems to be recorded, edited, and eventually have an original backtrack to go along with them. While I’m not sure if I should keep all 7 (as that is a lot to get done), that’s where I am. I decided to call this project, The Lazy Lilac Dream, after a poem I wrote a couple of months back which I later based a digital drawing on (see featured image). The poems address The Lazy Lilac Dream as a physical location and a mental space that always lives within. While I’m trying to neaten things up lyrically, I have tried to record but it’s a little difficult to do at home using my headphones and phone. Hopefully, I get a good recording soon, and while I don’t own a synthesizer or any type of beatmaker, I did download a free audio program called Akai Professional and that’ll be the jumping point into creating the original track (once I learn how to use the program).