Brian Crail

My name is Brian Crail and I am a senior studying Media and Communications at Arcadia University. I am 22 years old and transferred into Arcadia during the Fall 2018 semester after graduating from Montgomery County Community College studying Media Production Studies. In my free time I enjoy watching and attending my favorite sports teams, the Philadelphia Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies. I got involved heavily with the intramural sports league at Arcadia and played softball, volleyball, and floor hockey. Baseball and hockey both come as a passion to me and I have spent most of my life being involved with these two sports. My favorite part about studying media and communications is doing the behind-the-scenes work that goes on with projects, such as editing video and doing interviews.

The Arcadia eSports team interested me quite a bit, so I wanted to do some work with them and bring some more exposure to their sports league. I will do this by filming parts of their tournaments and editing some highlight reel videos, trailers, and any other video montages I can come up with that will help eSports gain a bigger following on our campus.