Well everyone, this was very fun and I definitely cut more clips than I could count but ultimately I am finished. The first thing I edited was just the clips together so they’d run smoothly and then I decided to make it so that when I asked one question everyone would answer the question, not just one person being interviewed and then the next person, that would be a bit redundant. I color graded, cropped, tilted and searched up stock footage. I wish I could have gotten more B roll of my actual interviewees but I think I did good with what I had. I also decided to add subtitles which only took me forever, but I think it was a necessary addition since I didn’t use microphones that were super close to people’s mouths which results in background noise. Below is a visual representation of how I felt while editing some of this, just a lot of yuck to be honest (sorry in advance for the use of the picture Nana). I  can’t say I wasn’t really proud and even though I also can’t say I love the process of editing, I do love the outcome.