I’ve made a lot of great progress and that is helping me to feel better with stress. I was able to get to the podcast room and record my script. There were a few difficulties but thanks to Julia I was able to successfully get it recorded. The next week I was able to get to the media lab and edit my audio into one track. I picked out some nice background music too. I used a program called Resolve Avenue to create this cool background that’s pink and white and the gradient shifts. Gralin saw it and he liked it. He gave me the critique to make the waviness slower so it doesn’t completely distract the audience. I’ve also got my TikTok examples downloaded and on my hard drive. Next week I’ll be running in and out of the media lab to put in the TikToks and clean it up. It’s probably going to be tedious and frustrating but that’s all part of the process. 


It’s really motivating to look back on the journey I’ve had with this project. It started out as an idea, I did research and now I’m starting to create it and bring all the elements together. As stressful as it’s been at times, it’s also very rewarding to realize I’ll have a finished project soon.