It is so crazy to think that we are so close to the end of this project! It feels like we just started it yesterday. I am feeling really good about where I am at in the process. I have finished my photo book and ordered it, which was such a relief. It was definitely a little time consuming to get the book looking exactly how I wanted, but I am happy with how I finished it. I had my very last game as a Philadelphia Flyers intern this week, so really wanted to get my photobook done and ordered before that. I knew I would be busy and am very glad now that I got the book done beforehand. I am a little nervous about thesis day just because I don’t know fully what to expect and really won’t until I am there. From everything we have heard about the day it sounds like I have nothing to really be nervous about but am more just ready for it to be here. I am also super excited to see everyone else’s completed projects!