As my thesis is drawing towards a close, I am finally getting into the end game of my project. I’ve decided to name my project Just Consume It, as in we’re consuming so much content. Also, I’ve been slacking a bit on producing content that’s due to one of my videos blowing up which has hindered the push of my other content. So, now that engagement has slowed down on my viral video I can refocus on producing my regular content. So I am now getting back into my posting schedule, which will be 3-5 tiktoks per day and the week of thesis I will be posting five times per day. I am also beginning to start the work on my presentation and my table set-up. So far I have a poster for my table, and I will be designing my 8×11 picture to compliment the poster as well. Then I’ll be focusing on how I want to design my table and what snacks or candy I will have available. I’m very excited to start the final stages of planning for my work, the entire thesis process has been very stressful but incredibly rewarding at the same time I wasn’t expecting to get this amount of engagement on my work in the short time frame that I had. Overall, I will be upset when all of this work is done, but I am so excited to present everything to my peers and family who will be attending thesis night!