Thesis day is getting close and although I feel confident on where I stand with getting everything done, there is one thing that is stressing me out. We have about 3 weeks until everything needs to be ready to show people. I have ¾ podcasts done and edited and they sound great. My last episode however, is giving me struggles. I was supposed to have a guest on this episode and they kind of bailed at the last minute which is fine and I was already in the room to record when they said they weren’t coming so I decided I would just record on my own and it would be fine. The episode wasn’t my favorite and didn’t really sound the best and I was worried if I was even going to have enough content to make a full episode. Well when I was finished and I went to upload it to my computer, I noticed that the audio was all messed up and it kept cutting my voice in and out at the beginning of the episode. Although I already didn’t like the episode, I was really upset that I was going to have to record it again. The part that’s bringing me stress though is that I don’t have my final episode recorded so I have to do that and edit it as well. I know I will get everything done to the best of my ability and it will be great for thesis day, but this was a little bump that has stressed me out a bit. Anyways, I am still interested in starting my own podcast and getting my own equipment. I was a little sad when I thought I was done recording the episodes but now I get to record another one, so there’s a positive form that!