I have been loving this podcast stuff! I know in the last blog I said I was slacking, and I was. However, I have recorded ¾ of my podcasts so far and it has been so fun! I love being able to use all of the equipment and talking into the mic and to be honest, this makes me want to create a podcast of my own. I was a bit worried about recording some of the episodes alone because two of them don’t have guests. I thought it was going to be awkward or difficult just sitting there talking to myself but I have recorded two episodes alone and they were both an hour because I could just not shut up. The other episode I had my boyfriend on and we talked about living in our 20s which was definitely a funny conversation to have together. Overall, the recording part has been so fun and I only have one more episode to record. The editing part has been a bit more of a struggle just because I’ve never had to edit something this long before but once I got the hang of it, it does get easier. It’s just a bit time consuming because my episodes unedited are kind of long – oops! I am having so much fun and again I seriously am thinking about getting myself one of these tools and start a podcast on my own for fun! Everything is going great and I am planning to record my next episode next week. I plan to have 2/4 episodes fully edited by then end of next week so then I only have two more to edit. So fun!