As we near the end of the semester, my thesis project is really starting to take shape. I have just received a box full of print copies of the first edition of the magazine that I’m excited to try and sell at the showcase event on the 28th. At this point, the bulk of my project is complete. I have logged out of InDesign, which does not sound like much but those of you who have worked with the program will know how beautiful that feeling is. I’ve also successfully kept content rolling on the Phantasm instagram and I will be revealing the cover of the magazine very soon (it’s likely already released by the time you’re reading this).

Now, I’ve turned my attention to building the Phantasm website. I’ve been modeling it in part from one of the largest literary magazines, Poetry magazine. I looked at the page of Poetry’s most recent print issue and styled my “current issue” similarly, but with my own spin on it. On top of that, it also gives me a platform to sell copies of the magazine to whoever may want them, not only those who can make it to the thesis showcase. I’ve set up a way for the publisher (Blurb) to sell the book on their website, which I then connected to the website. You can check out the Phantasm Literary Magazine website now right here.

I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you all on April 28th!