I am just beginning to plan my interview questions, I am debating my motives and purpose for this documentary to help me find the right story. I am concerned about not getting enough responses to my questions so I want to full-proof them. I am also scared that my questions might not be easily understood by foreigners or if they lack information on American Culture. 

I have no storyboard of any kind because it seems hard to put this into words and pictures just yet. For now I just have a deep diving, around the clock schedule. Adjusting to different time zones again and having to put aside big chunks of time. I have most of my  spring break aside for this so that will probably be my most productive time. 

I feel really excited to get started since reaching out to all my international friends. It is the best excuse to get back in touch. I feel so blessed to have met all of them and hope they can help me make this story.