A bit behind on schedule, but that is okay! I am very excited for everything, writing and shooting have been going very well and I am planning on getting a whole lot done this weekend. With other school work piling on top of this project, I am really hoping I can get what I want done this weekend and be all finished with editing and not have to worry about it anymore! I think the thing I am most nervous about with this project is the audio work editing and creating, as it is the aspect of editing that I am the least familiar with. But, that’s what this is all for: to learn about how to do what I love better!

Here is some of the equipment that I am using, including some surprisingly bright lights I got for myself about a month ago. They have different color filters, and as you can see I am going to take full advantage of that.

And here is one of the best parts about creating: getting your friends to help out in very silly ways.