Have you ever started a project and felt confident in everything from the idea, execution, and your ability… then you just can’t figure out how to finish it? That is me right now. I am at the point where I clearly have a good start and middle, but I no longer enjoy the idea of having interviews incorporated and with one person already bailing I think it is too last minute to try and schedule more before the 28th. Also, finding orphans is hard. I feel like the thesis meetings are helpful because I am able to get equipment and creative advice from Gralin and realistic expectations from Lisa.

So what am I confident in? The equipment I’m using and the process of making videos. I am using Lavalier Mics to record my audio. These microphones are useful when recording interviews, generally just sound when someone is speaking with little to no noise present.

I am also using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. Between taking Alan’s video editing class and me liking to edit and film in spare time I feel confident with my ability to edit a cohesive video to present on Thesis Day.