Everything is becoming very real and time seems to be going faster, but I have a concrete plan for my project and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My series of five videos will be set to five songs which I’ve rewritten from my point of view. The five songs have been chosen and I’ve written the lyrics for each of them. The songs and themes of these videos will remain the same, but once I record myself saying them, I am giving myself the freedom to possibly change the words if something doesn’t sound right. 

The first video will be about my morning and the last video will be about my night. These two times of the day are very crucial to me as an introvert because they are the times I’m most typically by myself. These are the times that I am able to recharge, relax and reflect on my day. The three videos between these two will represent what happens between going to sleep and waking up – my dreams. Dream theory really interests me because there is so much that’s unknown about them and the different theories are so intriguing. Freud’s dream theory, although dated, is really interesting and I hope to bring a sense of latent versus manifest content into my videos. These three videos will be a conversation with my self conscious, a look back on my life, and my thoughts on love. All five videos will have a music video aesthetic to them. They won’t be narrative, linear stories, they’ll be more abstract, but you’ll still be able to follow the general theme. Like dreams, I hope people will interpret them in their own way. 

So far, like I’ve said, I’ve chosen and rewritten the lyrics for each of the videos. I’ve also taken some test shots for my more complex video where I want text written around me in color while the video is in black and white.  It may require me to try my hand at some basic animation so I took some shots to test some text over to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also written out what I want the video of my morning/night routine to look like and I hope to film them in the next few days. One of my videos is going to be like a flashback and I’m going to collect a lot of old videos. I plan to do this over spring break when I’m back home because I know I have a lot of videos back home, and so does my mom. Everything is coming together and I’m really excited to keep working on my project