So I have finally started posting the TikTok’s that I have been filming! In all honesty, I was
unrealistically expecting my content to immediately take off, but it never is that simple even though I wish it was. I have about 5 videos up right now, with views averaging in the 100-200 range for each of them except for my first which is sitting around 1040 views with 115 likes. I
think instead of looking over the for you page on my personal TikTok account, I need to be spending more time curating content on my thesis account and studying what is trending on that page instead. If I can determine what is trending there, I most likely will be able to curate content that better appeals to what TikTok thinks I like or the people that want to see my content. I’m planning next on doing a possible miniseries about the castle and other haunted spots on campus, and I want to up some of my production value while I am at it. There is
equipment in the video lab that I am going to use to help with my setup, mainly a tripod and phone adapter. But overall, I think that everything is going very well so far! I’m probably going to also seek help from some of my peers who are working on video production projects to see if they have any advice on my production work. I’m incredibly excited to see how the rest of my
project is going to turn out!