The next big step for me is actually taking the pictures for my photography book.  I’ve been working on scheduling the trip and I’m either going to go March 13th, 14th, or 15th depending on which has the best weather.  I’m going to use to make the book, so I made an account for that and downloaded their program so that I was able to start looking at it because in a few weeks I’ll actually start putting the book together.  I’ve continued doing research, particularly on the businesses in Eagles Mere, and I think that section is pretty good for right now.  Next, I’m going to start researching for the history section.  I’ve also continued looking through older pictures for things that I might not be able to photograph now.  For instance, the picture on this post shows ice on the lake which may or may not be there when I go.  If it’s not there, I will probably end up using this picture in the winter section.  I’ve also found some pictures of the docks around the lake which I will definitely have to use since I know they won’t be there when I go.