Hello everyone, I’m currently working on a project I’m calling “Oreo” (Working Title) that seeks to explore the black experience of adaptability. I want to hone in on some interviews with various black people I know and discuss their experience on adaptability in the world and why they have to adapt and who they have to adapt for. I want to see if I can dive deeper on issues like codeswitching in my interviews as well as help find a common ground between people from completely different backgrounds. One of my biggest struggles was finding out how I wanted my story to be constructed and if I wanted a narrative piece or one that focused on interviews and had good B-roll in between. I settled on the latter and now I’m really just planning out shots and figuring out exact dates for interviews and what type of equipment I’ll use such as microphones and cameras. I’m extremely excited to continue working with Professor Hughes on my project and to have something of substance created, not only for those around me but myself as well.