Over the past few weeks, I’ve finalized my idea and created a project I love. I will make a video series of about five videos where I turn the camera around and make the videos about myself. The goal is to discover who I am in order to be more confident in making videos for others since I will know myself. At first, I was going to make videos to go along with the journal entries I wrote, but after a few days of writing the entries, I realized that there was little to no structure to them. To solve this problem I turned to one of my favorite hobbies, rewriting songs from my perspective. I’ve decided to instead, recite my version of the songs like a poem over the videos and in turn create videos similar to music videos. The three topics I’ve settled on so far are my thoughts on the future, my perspective on love, and what I would say to my younger self. I hope over the next few days to finalize my last 1-2 songs and create mood boards for each one so I can have an idea of the visuals for each of the videos. I’m really excited about my project and I’m happy I can include something that I do to clear my mind in my free time. I find it so much easier to express my thoughts clearly through lyrics and music rather than a rambling of journal entries, so I’m really excited that I made the decision to change paths.