So far for my thesis, I have been filming short form content for TikTok and I have been making my content schedule. My schedule will help me stay on top of the videos that I am filming, and will be working on more content for posting. I have 3 weeks of content planned out and filmed, it is the matter of posting it so far. I will also begin working on posts and posters for my Instagram that is meant to complement my TikTok account, and my Twitch account. Both of those accounts will work in tandem to promote my TikTok. Other than that, my account is called senior_thesis_era and I’m really excited to begin posting and creating a community of people who will enjoy the variety of content I am producing. Overall, I am just trying to combat procrastination and some of the burnout I have from creating so much content. I’m hoping that with my more rigid scheduling it will help with making my project feel less like a chore and more like a project I am doing for fun. I am also planning on trying to have more student interaction on my project, whether that be submitted videos or people joining videos with me.