After chatting with Lisa, I have finalized my creative project topic! I will be doing a day in the life of my boss at the Philadelphia Flyers, Allie Samuelsson. It is exciting to know I have a set idea. For my internship I am required to be at Wells Fargo Center 4 hours before a 7:00pm game. I will be going in extra early one day and document a full day in her life, game day edition. I had thought about following her around on a more regular day at the Flyers Training Center, but eventually landed on a game day since there is a little bit more going on. Allie is super excited to be part of this and said to take pictures, record or ask questions about anything I need. So far, I have not faced any problems which is a good start! I am also excited about the positive feedback my classmates are posting about my topic. It shows me that I am not the only one who finds my topic interesting. I have been in communication with Allie and we have decided on shadowing her either the March 1st game against the New York Rangers or the March 5th game against the Detroit Red Wings.