I’ve started off by creating an outline for my photography book about Eagles Mere.  I’ve been working on deciding what the different sections in the book are going to be and what’s going to be included in them.  I think I’m going to start off with some interesting facts about Eagles Mere such as the fact that there’s only 120 full time residents.  It’s been really interesting doing some research and learning facts like this.  Then, I’ll have a section about the history of the town.  After that, I’ll talk about the businesses there.  I’ve been working on compiling a list of all of them so I don’t forget to take pictures of any.  Next, I’ll have a section about nature which will focus mainly on the lake and the area surrounding it.  This will be followed by a section about the real estate there, which will include pictures of some of the houses and an explanation on how renting there works.  After that, I’ll have a section on what’s changed where I’ll compare old pictures with my current ones to show how things have changed over the years.  This will also include a bit about businesses that no longer exist.  Finally, I’ll end with a short section about the few things that happen there during winter.  Some of this may change but right now I’m just trying to list everything that I need to take pictures of so that I can go down the list and check things off to ensure that I have everything I need.  I’ve also been working to organize pictures I’ve already taken so that I have more photos to work with.  My organization has not been great but I’m going to keep trying to find old pictures.  I’m also going to continue doing research so that I can start doing some writing for the book.