One definition of the word phantasm is “an illusory likeness of something,” in other words something imagined or not actually present. I felt that this was a perfect title for my own literary magazine because it blends both subject matter from my theory paper on Hauntology and the creativity and imagination needed to build a magazine from the ground up. With that in mind, I set off to start my very own literary magazine, and at this point things have been going very smoothly. For a few weeks, I was planning out a publishing schedule and setting up things like logos (pictured above), social media posts, a call for contributors, and a submissions form. Just last week though, I officially launched the magazine, opened submissions, and started building an Instagram presence. Submissions will be open until March 5th at 11:59pm so if you’re interested in submitting please use this link to find out more information! From now until then, I’ll be working to build the print layout of the magazine so that when submissions come in, I can plug them right into the template and build the issue.


I’m excited to keep moving forward with this project, I’m having such a great time creating something I love and helping to foster a community of creative individuals here on campus. It’s a dream come true!