My new installation: ” Unity Garden.”. It is part of a group show at Gallery 1053 in Flieschmanns , NY with the Ad Hoc Collective.  Opens Feburay 19, 2022. Donie in collaboration with Studio 190.

Studio 190 is a collaborative art program within the Arc of Delaware County. We focus on
people's strengths and abilities, while creating a space that’s educational, inspirational, and
enthusiastic. The artists of Studio 190 represent a large variety of interests and perspectives.
While there is a heavy concentration on painting, we often engage in papier-mâché, sculpture,
fabric embroidery, crocheting, wood work, and digital art.
Studio 190 utilizes upcycled and recycled materials to create individual and collaborative works
of art, for sale and on display throughout the community. The studio encourages self expression,
exploration, creativity, and teamwork. As a young studio we are graciously and eagerly finding
our way into the local art scene and gaining a presence in the community.
The evolution of Studio 190, over the past three years, has been driven by an ever growing love
and appreciation for the art process by the artists, by the dedication and support of our
community and volunteers and by the unwavering commitment of all involved with the daily
operations of the studio.
A unique line of collaborative art pieces that beautifully display the innovation, creativity and
teamwork found at Studio 190. Each Unity Bloom flower is an original, created by artists of
various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. These botanical treasures represent a spirit
of inclusion, cooperation and unity. Each Unity Bloom design is unique and made with recycled
materials. The base is a pine wood block painted with acrylic paint or stain and furnished with a
D-ring hanger. The petals are made of donated sheet metal painted with acrylic paint and die-cut.
Each flower has 3 to 5 layers (depending on size) and is assembled with a single center screw. A
protective clear coat provides added durability.

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”. – Anni Albers