With the end of the semester finally here, the game has finally begun to wrap up development. There have been revisions, losses, cuts, and sacrifices throughout this whole project. In the end though, I believe I’m entirely satisfied with the final product that came out of this. This was a life-changing experience and I hope to be able to have many more such informative and eye-opening experiences in the future.

Below is the official and final synopsis for the game:

“Toil and Trouble” is a VR video game demo of a potion simulator, based on potions from J.K. Rowling’s beloved “Harry Potter” series. Explore the house around you to find instructions, recipes, and ingredients, and brew four of the most famous potions in the Potterverse. Finally, try their effects out on the fireplace in the room, and see if you can free its captive fire spirit. You may even reveal the spirit’s true form…

Music Credits to Tylor Cunningham.
Potion Recipe Credits to J.K. Rowling. #pleasedon’tsueus