Developing the gameplay has been a relatively smooth progress in comparison to many of the different errors we ran into before. The brewing function on our cauldron for potions now officially works! From here on it is my job to now create the graphics of the different ingredients for each potion. We did run into another error where we were not able to use any pre-made assets due to the way that we set up the game initially. While this is a bit of a setback, it’s not detrimental to what we want to do. It does mean that we have to create each of our different ingredients 3D models from scratch. This will be up to me along with adding in the textures. After all the 3D models for all the ingredients for all the potions have been created, my partner can then go and hook each of them up to the brewing function so we can then create all of our different potions. After that, we really will have a basic functioning game! We’ll have to set the requirements for winning and losing but with the hurdle of the ingredients in the brewing functions overcome it should be a relatively easy development progress from here on out.