For the past several weeks me and my partner have spent the better half of our time debugging. From different versions of Unity to out-of-date VR toolkits, the errors were endless. Prefab’s would not work the way they were programmed to, code was out of date, every tutorial and forum we scoured contained old information. It truly seemed like we were going to have to scrap the project. Despite all the roadblocks we encountered, and my partner’s tenacious spirit, we were finally able to do it: create a working VR game scene.

Despite all the obstacles and work that we have put into this project, it feels like we have just now reached the starting line. From here on out, it is pure design and gameplay that we need to build. From the layout of the building, the audio, the motion, the colors and textures all the way to the game play, the way to win, the way to lose, and the steps to get there. Now the real work begins.