Procrastination is a good friend of mine. We hangout every day, eat dinner, go for walks and watch
endless amounts of YouTube together. Sometimes I want to kick my own butt because of how far behind
I let myself get. I could blame it on my ADD but I’ll be twenty-two soon and going into graduate school.
I worry for myself and how I will ever be able to function in an office job environment. I fidget constantly
and have too many things to say. I chew gum in class to stimulate some type of movement for myself, so I
don’t bother the person sitting next to me from my constantly moving my legs. My brain is absolutely
burnt out at this point. I’ve had the same headache for maybe three days now and I don’t want to look at
my computer, but that’s my lifeline right now for me to be able to finish my creative thesis. I have a desk
in my bedroom at home. I sit in it and laugh thinking how the drawers are stuffed to the brim with
journals, crafts, glitter, stickers, photo albums and trinkets. I shrug my shoulders and add that to the list of
things I need to do before I leave home this summer. Then I remember I need to work on my schoolwork.