Things are still at a standstill right now. On top of the fact that we have to completely redo the name and all of the branding stuff that I created, it looks like my mom’s whole business is also going to have to change because of COVID-19. At least for a bit, anyway. So that means the website needs to change, too.

She’s not offering any in-person therapy (until further notice, but I think it will be awhile yet). Instead, it’s all virtual. Therapy over zoom. Sharing reports over ScreenShare. Sitting in her new office that she just bought all by herself while talking to patients in their kitchens. For someone who often emphasizes the damaging effects of screen time on developing toddlers’ speech and language, its been a strange adjustment to “become” that screen!
Plus… originally she wasn’t planning on taking insurance. But now, with more people strapped for cash, she will probably have to. So that means filing a bunch of additional paperwork on top of the reports she has to do. All in all, we haven’t found a whole lot of time (or, quite frankly, motivation) to brainstorm a new name for the business.