This week has been dedicated to sifting through all the files I have and narrowing down the songs I want to be on my final production. As stated in my previous blog, life without the software and hardware at my disposal at Murphy has been limiting, but when there’s a will there’s a way. I came to the conclusion that although I may not be able to completely execute my vision in the way I thought I could when I proposed this project, I will still be able to share my creativity with anyone who wants to hear it and that is what matters most to me. 

I have been living in acceptance of the circumstances and reminding myself that nearly all my peers are going through their own challenges, so no one is judging me too harshly on things I wasn’t able to do. This helps me a lot because it reminds me I am not alone and alleviates some of my concerns about the finished product not being what I envisioned.  A quote from Drake rings in my head every now and then that applies to this situation: “Sometimes life forces us to calm down.” Before social distancing measures, I worked 3 jobs and still tried to keep up with all of the expectations I had for myself and the ones I had inherited from other people. This was not a sustainable way to live life, and being forced to slow down and focus on the more important things has been good for my creativity. Although I may not have the most polished tracks known to man, each and every track captures my creativity and still has room for growth, which I can facilitate even through graduation. These tracks are like my babies, and I will continue to push to give them as much energy as I can until I feel they are complete. I think being forced to turn in what I have makes the project even more vulnerable and open. Some of the tracks are unfinished due to lack of all the equipment I need for recording, but I think people will still love it and be able to appreciate it.