Week 2 of being back in the states is weird. I have been contemplating my decisions as it relates to coming back home (even though I wound up coming home late in the end.) I had the opportunity to stay where I was for a bit, and just live out the rest of quarantine in quarters with the girl I went to see. It was a very tempting offer, and I almost decided to stay a bit longer than I intended since I had no work or school to go back to, but the gravity of the situation led me to make what I believe was the right decision. 

The first night I got back and slept in my bed, I questioned myself a lot. Was I right to come back? Should I have left the US in the first place? What changes would I have undergone had I stayed, and would the outcome have been savory or sickening? All those uncertainties and possibilities bubbled up in my head, and eventually I came to the conclusion that coming back was best for my creativity and productivity. The feelings I had from having been there and now returning helped fuel my passion to do what I love in the form of music. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a lot of the recording equipment that I did at school, so some of the quality and production involved in the music I do have takes a bit of a back seat, but I think it retains much of the emotion and creative energy that built up inside me during the past couple weeks. I am looking forward to continuing to perfect the tracks as much as I can.