These are some of my absolute favorite photos that I took for this project. I think they really speak to the personalities of everyone in the photos the best out of everything I took. “All Dressed up. And Nowhere to go” is really the best picture I’ve ever seen of my friend Rylee. We talked about what I wanted the photo to look like, and I didn’t really give her much direction other than to look a little nuts. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but she’s actually wearing two dresses, and is holding about six different things. I just thought it was really funny how far she took my direction, and where she went with it.

            The picture that I love of Sam, actually didn’t turn out the way I was envisioning, but I like tis version better. For “’Tiny Dancer’ in a Crowded Basement,” I attempted to have her completely backlit, so her figure was just a silhouette, rather than seeing her features. With the polaroid that I have it’s very difficult to take a photo without the flash, not only because they often end up not having enough light, but also because there isn’t a button to turn off the flash. For every photo I took without flash I needed to put something dark in front of the flash, but then the camera becomes more difficult to hold and position. For the most part, in these instances, I would take an extra photo with flash just to be safe, this was one of those photos. I wanted to take a picture of Sam dancing due to the fact that being a dancer is a huge part of her identity. She really ran with it and decided on a really cool pose, that I think really shows everything she can do and how beautiful a dancer she is.

            The last picture I have in here is one of my friend Gabby. I wanted her to look like she was on a really important phone call, and she was kind of upset about the responses she was getting. I also really liked the outfit she was wearing so I had her stay in it, but she put on the coat and glasses. I especially think it’s really funny that she was wearing reindeer socks. I think it really is the best picture I took of her. I have a lot of photos in this project, and I love all of them, but I think these are the best representations of some of my friends that were in them.