It is hard to believe that my time at Arcadia is coming to an end, and in such a unique type of way. I am so proud to have gone to such a great university that gave me so much during my two years at the school.

In the summer of 2017, my younger brother got a card from Arcadia inviting him and the family to an open house event to tour the school. I was in my second year of community college at the time and was looking to transfer to a four-year school after, so I decided to attend the event as well. I knew that after spending a day on the campus, that this was where I needed to be after my completion of community college. My heart was truly set on Arcadia from the very first visit, and I knew that this is where I wanted to continue my academic career.

Fast forward to the winter of 2018, I applied to many other universities in the Philadelphia area just to see if they would accept me, and also to have a backup school in case it didn’t work out with Arcadia. All of these schools got back saying I was qualified to transfer into the school in the Fall, but the letter I anticipated the most was from the small school in Glenside. My family and I went back to the university multiple times between then and the fall semester to set up classes, attend Scarlet and Grey day, and for the Overknight where I got to spend a full day and night on the campus with another student.

I finished up my degree at community college literally two days before move in day and new student orientation. During this process, I met my first good friend and roommate on campus, current and new students, and professors in my department. I knew right away that my two years at Arcadia were going to be the best ones yet. 

Arcadia has given me so many new opportunities and memories, and it would be too much just to list in this document. I have been a quiet and introverted person my whole life, so making new friends and creating new opportunities was something that I was afraid of at first. Now, at the end of my time at Arcadia, I can say that I am leaving with plenty of new friends and many great memories with people all over campus.

One of my favorite memories from my time at Arcadia would be joining the intramural sports program. I first signed up for softball in the Fall 2018 semester and was super nervous that being a brand new student, no one would recognize my name to pick me to their team, leaving me not to play my favorite sport. I was eventually picked up by a team and they accepted me with open arms, which shows how tight and supportive the Arcadia community is. In between the many wins, losses, and two ties, I had met so many great people just from playing multiple intramural sports.

Traveling to Dublin, Ireland was another great memory that I will never forget from Arcadia. The school does such a great job with international studies, it is truly incredible. We spent a little less than one week in Ireland, but learned so much through this trip and the rest of the course. This was just the second time that I traveled outside of the country, so it was definitely unique. I will never forget the friends and memories made on this one trip, and I highly recommend everyone to study abroad even if it is just a quick Preview trip.

Finally, the media and communications department at Arcadia University. I was definitely challenged through the courses and workload, but that is what makes this all rewarding and worth it. The amount of knowledge I gained by the professors, students, and advisers in this department is remarkable. You guys made learning fun, and the future media and communications students are lucky to have such a great committee to guide them through their years of college. I am so blessed to have been able to work with a great group of people each and every day on campus.

As I wrap this final blog post up, I just want to end with, thank you. Thank you Arcadia for accepting me into your family and giving me two years that I will never, ever, forget. 


-Brian Crail, Media and Communications, Class of 2020