Editing the Wedding Video and Final Thoughts

            As a mentioned before, instead of having a live wedding for people and ducks to attend, the plan changed to a filmed wedding on the beach. I made a voice over for the video I recorded so it’s not 5 minutes of two ducks looking at each other. I got my parents involved by having them voice the happy couple and I was the officiant. I normally hate my voice recorded (I think we all do), but after hearing it on repeat so many times I stopped cringing every time. I have officially edited and uploaded a complete ceremony for my two feathered friends. It was a real challenge trying to make a video of rubber duckies seem in any way dynamic and I’m not sure I succeeded, but I had a good time.

            I am so glad that this is the project I decided to make. Working on this has absolutely made my final semester. Of course there are things that I would have done differently and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times where I wished I would have done something different, but this is one of the very few projects I have ever done that feels almost as good as when I started. I can’t wait for other people to see everything and become a part of the duckie world. With everything done now I can finally take a deep breath and look at all my work put together. The only problem I have now is that I am going to move out of my apartment soon and most of the duckies are going to have to go in storage. That and the fact that my dog has discovered how fun it is to rip the smaller duckies into pieces. If only she appreciated the duckies as much as I do.