We have about a week or so left in the semester now, and we are starting to wrap everything up with our senior projects.

I am just about finished the entirety of my critical analysis paper, I just have to do some quick edits which will be wrapped by the end of the day 4/27. I wrote about the Herman/Chomsky propaganda model for my theory paper, so I decided to analyze some propaganda with political websites and news sources in today’s society. There has been a lot to look at especially with the 2020 election in November and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final edits are being done to my video project. I have three videos that I created for eSports and am also doing a writeup on the eSports team that provides information about the team, roster, coaches, etc. I expect to have all of this done within the next few days, and then will have to get everything up on the website for Alan to review in our meeting via zoom. 

I had the opportunity to look at some of my other classmates’ video projects who sent them in already, and I have to say that I am very impressed with what they were able to do given the circumstances. I think this can be used as an inspirational thought that we can do anything we want to do, no matter what challenges we come across. I think our senior class has done a tremendous job with the projects and this has really helped me with finishing up my individual project.