Here’s an update on my life during the pandemic, for those of you who care. I don’t think I’ll ever have a normal sleep schedule ever again because I’ve been going to bed sometime between 2 and 4 in the morning every night and waking up between 10 and noon. The most consistent things in my diet are chicken nuggets and French fries. I know that’s not healthy, but I have no motivation to cook. I honestly don’t have the motivation do anything so it’s a miracle that I’ve done any assignments. This confirms my suspicions that online classes are not my thing; there’s no way I could do an entire semester this way. I miss the outside. I want the freedom of going to restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and seeing friends. There are so many things I’m looking forward to doing once this is over. I’m going to my favorite diner to eat way too much food, which I will be doing for a week straight. I’ll be doing the same thing at the bars and enjoying that environment again. I can’t wait to hug my friends and be in close proximity with them again. One nice thing about this is that I’m getting to spend a lot of time with dogs and hang out with my brother. I hope things get better soon because my cabin fever has gotten way too real.

Cut For Time Episode 4: Troy And Abed On A Podcast