An open mind and an open heart. That was how I wanted to experience Australia. I wanted to take down all the walls and barriers I may have possessed, and just let Australia sweep me off of my feet. As I incorporated this clip into my documentary, I felt very nostalgic of my
experiences. I also felt frustration. Why you may ask? Editing on my laptop is a tricky process! I
had to take off my public relations hat and put on my editor hat. I haven’t edited a video of this magnitude in a couple of years, and I was a bit nervous.
However, lying in bed while doing this took the edge off a bit. I open my window, turn on my
rock salt lamp, have the TV on at a low volume, and just get to work. That has been my life the past couple weeks. There are pros and cons of completing this documentary at home, although I rather be on campus for this process. I can’t change what is happening in the world, rather I just need to go with the flow. Any who, enjoy this clip, and I apologize for the screw up I had at the beginning. This is raw unedited footage after all!