Wouldn’t it have been a dream to tell this story while actually be in Australia. Well, unfortunately I cannot do that at the time, so I wanted to visit a familiar place that I often venture to, and I chose Allaire State Park. It’s 20 minutes away from my house and I have fond memories there. I filmed all of this before the quarantine, thank God. My best friend Liz is behind the camera. I chose her to film because she has camera experience, so I knew I could
trust her. She also knew how special it was for me to go to Australia, so it was a pretty special experience.
I wanted to be informal and myself essentially. I did not want to speak eloquently, nor make this fancy, I wanted it to come from my heart. Everything that I say is how I feel, how I viewed the experience, how I embraced it. I am very open about this journey that I had, and this is an
inside look of my feelings towards it and how I processed it.