Looking through photo albums I start to notice the trend of my father’s hairline. Brown full and combed off to the side, now a widow’s peak hairline that gets clippers ran through it. He still has the same amazing blue eyes and warm smile. I must have stumbled across one of my baby photo albums, there are endless photos of us doing things together, especially napping. Looking at these photo albums is the most human I have felt in weeks. To be able to feel something real and raw that isn’t a keyboard. Staring at my computer is making me nauseous. The thought of being able to have a conversation with someone face to face feels like an illicit dream. Yes, there are things I can do that don’t require my eyes to be transfixed on a screen, but as for now that’s how all of my assignments need to be done. I keep staring down my blog for my creative thesis (https://socloseyetsofarapart.com/) and I’m not sure what to write. Which feels foolish, because I have my notes, interviews and answers. I know what I am supposed to be doing. I know I will get there; I wouldn’t make it this far to just bow out so last minute.