By some miracle this week was actually much better than last week. I’m thankful for that. I spent most of the beginning of the week working on my critical analysis and it felt really good to finish and submit it. I struggled a lot, since being home, with finding motivation to work on my paper but once I sat down and did it I actually felt kind of proud after handing it in. Who would’ve thought. After submitting that I got – for the first time in a while – actually excited about working on my creative project. I ended up re editing the blooper reel I mentioned in my first blog and publishing it on locomag. That sort of felt like a nice way to put that project to rest (that sounds morbid lol) and move on to finish what will actually end up being my final project. There’s been a lot of footage to work through but I’m actually starting to enjoy the process again. I’ve also found that I work best from the hours of midnight – 2am which is terrible for my sleep schedule but fantastic for my creativity, so I’ve been working on not getting mad at myself for staying up late working because (I think) that’s when I do my best work. I did just glance at my calendar and get incredibly sad because this coming Friday was supposed to be thesis night, so I guess we’ll see how this week goes as far as keeping the excitement.