At Least I Got The Cake This Week

Since then I have had to make many changes and it is frustrating. I often find myself avoiding this project though I know I need to work as hard if not harder than I was before. It was even harder when I realized that I had forgotten the stars themselves. I could have sworn that I had packed my bride and groom but after looking through my bags and digging through my room I knew they were still on campus. I had to order a new pair of duckies and luckily, they arrived the next week. Through all this frustration, I have found some light in the situation- I had never done the cake tasting. So, on a sunny day this week I pulled my variety cake out of the freezer and set up to take my cake tasting pictures. It was a lot of fun to get back into the project and after taking these pictures I got back some of my excitement. I may not be doing what I had hoped I would, but at least I got cake.

     As I try to reshape this project, I realize that I have lost some of the excitement about this project. When I first thought about planning a wedding for rubber ducks, I was so amused and as the project began to take shape, I was so proud and excited for people to experience the world I was crafting. The process of thinking about what a pair of rubber ducks would register for was so much fun that I hardly felt like I was working and yet the registry was a very important part of the wedding. I was so proud to have actually booked rooms in the castle. Even when the event booking website crashed, I was still able to make my booking after multiple emails and a meeting with Conference services. All of this when I still thought my senior year would end as planned.