This past week has been a little exhausting. I am catching up on classwork and I had just started a new job to get me through quarantine. For my thesis this week, I started to edit more of the video that I have from eSports. I will attach some raw footage I got from the arena when I was able to do some shooting earlier in the semester. 

I have been trying to get an idea of what kind of end videos I can get out of the footage I have, and that has become clear to me as I went through footage this week. I can probably get two to three different video compilations which would be about five minutes long each. I am thinking of doing a trailer-like video for the eSports and then one or two highlight reel videos that show the students gaming.

I also am still working on my theory/critical analysis paper and I plan on having this finished in the coming days. With our thesis presentations originally scheduled to be presented in less than two weeks, it makes me realize how fast this semester has really gone by. Within the next few weeks I will have a few final edited videos put together that will be finished for eSports. For now, here is some of the raw footage I was able to capture.