I’ve officially surpassed my 2 week isolated quarantine, and present no symptoms, thank Gods. Lately, I’ve found myself a bit more motivated to do my classwork, though I’m not sure if that’s real motivation or the impending deadlines looming nearer? Regardless, I’m trying (and failing, but still trying) to get back into a routine. The class I decided I would pass/fail might not be so bad, after all. I just need to put in the time and actually do it.

I want to confidently say that I’m figuring out what to do for this creative capstone project, and I have so many ideas, but now that I’m isolated, it’s been difficult to convince myself that I can do it. I have a basic platform for my poetry, and I’ve coded the poems to each page, but now I need to add the interactive aspects. None of my original ideas, that I painstakingly drew out with rulers and sharpies, are going to end up happening. Which is alright, I guess. 

There are a ton of cool mini-projects that I can use for this website bookmarked on my computer, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I always thought I was someone who was capable of learning something new on my own, but clearly that is not the case. So here I sit, pulling my hair out, about to schedule a zoom meeting to figure out basic html code embeds. Wish me luck!