It’s strange to think that this is one of the times where my creative process has been the most difficult. I’m recording tonight or tomorrow, as trying to find a few quiet hours in a house with a music major brother taking drum/piano/guitar/voice lessons over Zoom and Skype has been a hard sell over the last couple of days. Getting over the disappointment of taking things off of my calendar? It sucks. I would be the biggest liar in the world if I acted like I’m having an easy time with this. I’ve been throwing myself onto other schoolwork in the last few days because I’ve wanted to focus the appropriate energy on this project and make something I’m proud of. I think there’s something in me that thinks I’ll be able to get through all of my frustration in my other work and somehow this project will flow easier. I’m trying. 
I’m watching some movies over again, and the hope is to record collaboratively in the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to that, and watching movies over again has honestly been a comforting process. I think we don’t think enough about revisiting things we enjoy, especially in hard times like this. Everyone talks about how we should be using this time for deep creativity, but it’s hard to be inspired. I’m trying.